Frequently Asked Questions

What do you expect the homeowner to do during a remodel?

No, it is not their responsibility to know/understand permitting and those types of tasks. The budget is the one area they must have complete clarity on. They must understand what it is in dollars , what % over the budget they can afford. Typically 10%. When and how much the payments should be for and what items they should cover Communication, Communication, Communication is very "Key". They must know and feel good about your approachability. They should always feel they should be able to speak with you about anything pertaining to the project. Big issues Small issues, they both need to be taken care of asap. Anything special order, or something they are supplying needs to be onsite or in the warehouse before the project begins. Whatever they are responsible to provide it must be ready and available to the contractor.

How do you deal with curveballs during a remodel? How do you deal with curveballs during a remodel?

Especially with remodeling there are almost always going to be unforeseen issues. With permitting it really pays to keep on top of local and national code requirements and especially changes to them. Patience and planning are the keys here. As sometimes we are in a hurry to get started on a project, acquiring all needed permits and/or permission prior to can lead to a more profitable and most often hassle free experience A good rule to remember is " there are no such things as problems , only solutions" When unexpected things occur , remain calm and sit down with your clients and explain the situation and how you will go about getting through it. If there are options and if so what they are . When non-requested additional costs come up, again sit down with your client and educate them on how you could not have foreseen this unexpected cost. Have a dollar and a timeline solution to address this.

How do you deal with clients who are looking for the lowest bid on a project? How do you deal with clients who are looking for the lowest bid on a project?

You must educate the prospective client on why the lowest price is not always the best thing. Overhead costs, types of materials used and installation practices are for the most part unique to each contractor. We generally ask if the potential client has a bid sheet with all their wants and needs for each contractor to use , so everyone is apples to apples. If they don't we offer that service as well so even if we don't get the job they have all the information to make an informed decision. Ultimately you must know the true costs of running your business and charge respectively.

How do you handle clients who ask for more than what was originally agreed upon? How do you handle clients who ask for more than what was originally agreed upon?

We always sit down with the client and revisit the original contract and point out what is and is not covered in this project. We then ask the client to put into writing their request so we can use this information to see what costs and time allotments it will take to execute . We then place it in a change order form with these added costs and have them accept or deny the change. With the acceptance or denial we move forward accordingly. This seems to us to be the easiest and most professional way to address this inevitable situation.

Does Doug Keller Construction carry a valid contracting license?

Michigan requires contractors performing any work on residential properties to be licensed with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Doug Keller Construction currently holds license 2101085966, 2102153693, CONT-170134, 734-320-3464, 2101145525 (Builder Individual, Builder Company, Contractor), which was Active when we last checked.

How important is contractor licensing in Michigan?

Contractors in Michigan must complete a 60 hour approved pre-licensure education class prior to taking a business and law exam. Contractors are required to take continuing education upon renewal of an active license.

Your liability risk when hiring Doug Keller Construction

Michigan requires licensed contractors to carry an active workers' compensation policy. Although general liability insurance is not required under Michigan state law, it is always advisable to hire contractors who carry it. Request copies of the certificates for both forms of insurance for your records.